Hello, hello! I'm home from some days in Montréal, and doing my best to keep up with the pace of this last sprint of summer. I've got tales from our time away,  a book I think we should discuss, and a recipe that I've got pinned to the fridge.


However, I'll first point you in another direction — on over to Food52 and again to their Small Batch column. They asked me back, with an interest in my Blue Cheese Dressing recipe. It's a tweak on my favourite one, more assertive with white wine vinegar in a way that's ace with tomatoes, and avocados, and especially, shockingly so, with stone fruit. 

Many thanks to Marian and Food52 for having me, and see you around in a few days. 


PS I've had quite a few queries about the ceramic bowl in which I ate my peaches‚ the bowl here is from the same series, made by Colleen Hennessey, available through More & Co.  I can't tell you how nice they are in person, a joy to hold and use. I have them on a shelf in our dining room, but I keep snitching them down for my breakfasts.

You guys are swell to notice such things, and thanks for asking.