It seems just yesterday it was spring and I was preoccupied with thoughts of pillows of ricotta and berries; yet the calendar tells another tale. Somehow four months have slipped by, each day feeling all too short.

I have been caught in a whirlwind of family, friends and new motherhood. Learning how to function in each of those roles, all the while furtively attempting to hold on to each precious moment of the lessons.

And suddenly, it is August.

Broad, blue skies are lit with late-summer sunshine. My meagre potted garden has exploded in riotous green. The frenzied pace of high summer has abated, along with its still heat.

Evidently tempered by the relatively moderate weather, my thoughts (even if not my schedule) have slowed to an easygoing lull. Whether it is the season, or sheer exhasution, this shift in pace has allowed me a moment to reflect and gather my thoughts before we move forward.

While eloquence seems to be called for, all I can do is take it all in and smile.

I’ll be posting a list, with recipes and links, of some of the dishes that have kept us busy. I promise you will not have to wait as long as the last time.