[Please note that the following post has been put up by me, Tara's brother, and that any errors herein are entirely my fault, I am too happy to be particularly accurate right now]

After nine months, three seasons and countless conversations, I do believe that it is time to drop some of the formality. And truly, the veil of anonymity I’ve been affording my friends and family has been gossamer at best.

First and foremost, let me present my dear S, otherwise known as my dear Sean. With whom, if you’re reading this, I have just welcomed our first child.

It seems the forces of the universe thought it would be an amusing coincidence that just as I was conceiving the idea for seven spoons, that it would be the opportune time for us to start our family as well. So as this endeavour has grown, so has my belly.

The decision to keep this impending arrival a secret has been a difficult one. Please forgive the secrecy, but as I was attempting to establish some sort of identity through cooking, I was also attempting to find some sense of self as an expectant mother.

With no possible way of hiding our news any longer, I can finally come clean over some of the lapses in updating - as Morning Sickness made its appearance around our household morning and night, or cravings had me eating steak weekly and avoiding chicken like the plague, or when my quest for blue cheese took me away from the computer.

I’ll be sure to fill you all in on the entertaining details in the coming months, along with our forays into cultivating this whole new palate at our table.

My gratitude goes out to all of you visited seven spoons, and those who have written. The comments, suggestions and friendships have been so much more than I could have hoped for. It is truly overwhelming.

I cannot express my gratitude to our parents, families and friends; how lucky we are to have such unconditional love in our lives.

I’ll talk to you all soon and until then, take care.

[Benjamin Thomas was born on January 16th at 2:28 a.m. EST, weighs 6 lbs 3 oz and is absolutely adorable. I'm sure Tara will have more details ASAP.]