I have been without my camera for a few days, so please excuse the lack of posting. I should have it back this week, and will resume soon after.

I’ve not been far from the kitchen though, what with my continued experiments into the world of all things apple and the recent Canadian Thanksgiving. Some of what has kept me busy:

Things I’ve made
• Applesauce cake, the count is now up to five.
• Two deep dish apple pies, what more is there to say?
• My Mother’s Asian chicken corn soup, delicious and easy, and will be making an appearance again soon.
• Cambozola and sautéed apple sandwiches on naan and grilled, inspired by posts from Melissa and Michèle.
• Roasted butternut squash soup, perfect for the autumn weather but was disappointing to say the least. I do not know if it was the recipe, or if it was just an uninspired squash. It was very pretty though.
• Arborio rice pudding with Calvados and cinnamon caramel, a weeknight creation out of what was on the kitchen shelf. Creamy, comforting and a bit chic, I can see myself making this throughout the coming months.
• Roasted Brussels sprouts with shallots and bacon, a standby recipe.
• Cranberry Sauce, so much tastier than store bought, and it makes you feel very accomplished.
• Pumpkin pie cheesecake, Happy Thanksgiving Canada!
• Braised lamb shanks with balsamic and thyme, after 3 hours of cooking, the lamb filled the house with gorgeous smells of the season. It was the perfect meal after a long afternoon walk.
• Spanish-style hot chocolate infused with cinnamon, my latest addiction.

Things I’ve been thinking about
• A blue cheese tart with honey poached pears and a pecan crust, an idea I’ve carried around for about a year now, this seems the perfect season.
• Indian rice pudding (kheer) with fig compote, continuing my recent rediscovery of this childhood favourite.
• The perfect recipe for chilli and cornbread, with both football AND hockey now back in season, S has taken up residency on our couch. Some good food seems in order.
• Heading back to the farmer’s market in St. Catharines, Ontario. On a recent trip S and I loaded up on freshly baked bread, an array of cheeses and cured meats. Apple cider was being mulled on site, children were dressed in scarves and hats, and pumpkins were everywhere. Welcome October!

If any particular recipes are of interest, please feel free to let me know and I’ll be sure include them as future features.